I'm Your Boss, Remember?

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GiamoniCooper By GiamoniCooper Updated 2 years ago
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John Zane is a self made multi-millionaire. An arrogant, self-centered, playboy who believes that he can have anything, and treat anyone, every which way but right.

Until he meets Linda Blake.

As his new assistant, Linda is unlike any other and he finds it interesting that she refuses to take his shit and is beautiful.She isn't his typical 'female', the bottle blond model who puts out the first night and has curves in all the right places with an ass that makes the front of his pants tighten.

Only, one night of passion leads to John want more, much more.
NayeliVega NayeliVega 6 days ago
Dayum, she must've read 101 on How To Take A Man's Ego From Hero to Zero
PoohBear051597 PoohBear051597 15 days ago
Awesome sauce chapter my emotions are all over the place can't wait for more to come (:
xlovelyladyx xlovelyladyx 15 days ago
I think its very interesting and I love how different it is, already got my emotions riled up before the end of the chapter. amazing! can't wait to finish the book
iiTrillestPromise iiTrillestPromise a month ago
I had a feeling he would pop back up in her life just not as soon
not_the_same- not_the_same- 3 months ago
I like how casual it sounds like 'the sky is blue' 'it's September' 'he ate me well'
LoopsyGyal LoopsyGyal 3 months ago
Lol!!! I read this and saw you in your glasses and that just makes it funnier.