I'm Your Boss, Remember?

(English - Unedited - In Revision) John Zane is a self made multi-millionaire. An arrogant, self-centered, playboy who believes that he can have anything, and treat anyone, every which way but right. Until he meets Linda Blake. As his new assistant, Linda is unlike any other and he finds it interesting that she refuses to take his shit and is beautiful.She isn't his typical 'female', the bottle blond model who puts out the first night and has curves in all the right places with an ass that makes the front of his pants tighten. Only, one night of passion leads to John want more, much more.
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For some reason, i cant read the whole story. Could someone send me the link, thanks. Great start btw
This is refreshing, considering I havent found any good reads that have met my standards. I love it
Wow, that was some hectic first chapter but I loved it. Great start to the story. Oh, but there are a few minor mistakes though. Just teensy.
i think i got a new crush hi john -waves- i love this first chapter. le new addiction
I'm loving the start. I can't wait to see how this plays out. I'm already liking them together(:
Thanks for the dedication!

I love what you have so far.  I love that Linda can defend herself.  I wonder if that is the last we will hear from Jay.

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