Mourning for my beloved

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Alaric is a vampire prince who lost his soul mate, Amanilla, a year ago. She was brutally killed in her own room the night before her wedding. Since then Alaric has been mourning her death. Making everyone aggravated and believing that life hates you whether you want it to or not. Anna is a leader, never a follower. She is president in her school and runs basically everything. She has everything, the weird friends, family, money and even the boyfriend. The moment Alaric sets eyes on Anna, he is in love. Why? Because every feature Anna has is similar to Amanilla. Even her goal, which is to bring peace and happiness. What happens when she finds out Alaric is a vampire and she is his next wife? Will she be queen? Or will she flop out and go to college to continue her perfect life? Is she a doppelganger or did Amanilla survive?   The book starts off terrible, but stick with me it gets better, I promise. I will edit it when I am done! xx
haha I see what you did there too.... love that song by the way....
The Character Ryan reminds me of my Best Friend Chyenne, because only she would say something like ryan said! BTW not bad, I like the story so far!!