Letters To Ambruh

On 4-22-12, my best friend since kindergarten died. These are basically just letters I write to her daily to let her know she's always on my mind and forever in my heart. Don't read if you don't want. They're for her anyways.
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Oh, that's so sad. I'm crying now, but it's really good of you to have stopped cutting for her.
Girl, I am sorry. This is terrible you have to through this. Stay strong, and keep your head up high. :)
She would absolutely love you doing this Kali :D I know she's up there right now reading these letters, awaiting the time when we get to go up there with her :D
amazing simply amazing, it takes a real friend to write something this incredible from the heart
You are so incredibly strong! I can't believe you are able to even think like this! I wish you luck.

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