Moving Love (Liam Payne)

Leaving your home and moving half way around the world, leaving everything you know behind is something no one really wants to do. Marita didn't have a choice. She had to leave Australia. What she didn't know is what the UK had in store for her, Besides, everything happens for a reason, well that's what they say anyway. WARNING, This is very badly written and very cliché
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IT\'S Amazing. i can tell that the other chapter is going to be filled with excitement.
I love everything about your story but I just cannot imagine Taylor Swift and Liam
@PeaceOut445  that's alright! It's not a big problem honestly, I could look over your stuff before you post them if you'd like :)
awesome thanks, haha some people get angry at me >.< good luck with your story!!
woah, I guess her dad's house is really big! ;O I saw a few spelling errors, but I'm enjoying this story so far ;) nice job.
I'm going to ignore the fact that you start a lot of sentences with the word "I". ;) Other than that, this seems like an interesting story.xx(:

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