Moving Love (Liam Payne)

(Very cliché) Leaving your home and moving half way around the world, leaving everything you know behind is something no one really wants to do. Marita didn't have a choice. She had to leave Australia. What she didn't know is what the UK had in store for her, Besides, everything happens for a reason, well that's what they say anyway.
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Gurl!!!! My name is Amelia too!!! And I live in Australia!!! AHHHHHHHH WE ARE TWINZIES
IT\'S Amazing. i can tell that the other chapter is going to be filled with excitement.
I love everything about your story but I just cannot imagine Taylor Swift and Liam
Of course we read your authors notes!...Don't we guys? *nudge nudge*

...not very good at consoling...

@PeaceOut445  that's alright! It's not a big problem honestly, I could look over your stuff before you post them if you'd like :)
woah, I guess her dad's house is really big! ;O I saw a few spelling errors, but I'm enjoying this story so far ;) nice job.

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