Deadly Seduction

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Havenly By Havenly Updated 2 years ago
      I was born Ivy Alvah. Reborn Ivy. Just Ivy, no last name. No past. Not that I would want to remember any of it anyway. I traded what ever was left of my tarnished soul to the devil, inexchange for beauty, strength, immortality. Highly skilled in the art of death and seduction. A new being, a dark goddess. No one can hurt me, ever again. This story, the one I am about to tell you may repulse you, scare you, entice you, lure you, maybe even convince you to trade your own soul. Maybe your mind is as dark and twisted as mine. I call you a freind if it is. Then we can own the night. Paint it in blood and shadows. Just us. Forever.
Brebeuf Brebeuf 2 years ago
wait i died the moment u said vampire. One tip: Guys Don't like vampires!
SkyFish SkyFish 3 years ago
This is the first time I like a story of this kind (i mean with vampires)!!
Please continue! And please don't make it another  lame romance story!Im sooo addicted to realistic characters!!!
damon4life damon4life 3 years ago
Interesting so far! I want to know wat happened to ivy! So update soon :)
curby15 curby15 3 years ago
sorry i cant finish read this my poor innocent mind is being corrupted still interesting though