Sparks Fly (Austin Mahone Love Story / Fan Fiction)

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Megan By PrincessMahone Completed
Samantha Santori is the typical girl next door. She has a brother, a mom, a dad, and two best friends. But what happens when one of her best friends introduces her to internet heartthrob, Austin Mahone? Will her fears get in the way of a possible relationship? This is a story about friendship, fighting, lust, and falling in love. Fast.
I actually feel sorry for you, my mum just flicks the light on and off repeatedly
My mum is she thinks it's fun to hoover my room at 6 in the dam morning
@The1AndOnlyMrsBieber if you're a real fan of Justin, you'll want him happy not hate on who he loves and Selena is beautiful.
Haha...are u kidding me? my parents will never and I mean never ever allow me to do that