Sparks Fly (Austin Mahone Love Story / Fan Fiction)

Samantha Santori is the typical girl next door. She has a brother, a mom, a dad, and two best friends. But what happens when one of her best friends introduces her to internet heartthrob, Austin Mahone? Will her fears get in the way of a possible relationship? This is a story about friendship, fighting, lust, and falling in love. Fast.
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Actually the look green sometimes and brown sometimes so maybe it's just cause they were indoors and it wasn't sunlight so it looked brown
Girl, what are you? Madonna? Michael Jackson? Whitney Houst- OF COURSE HE'S PERFECT AHH
sorry i had to. thought thus was relatable. and i love 5sos with all my heart. so...yeahhh
My mum says this almost all the time, word for word. I love this story! You are soooo awesome! Yayyyy! I am in love!
The teacher sounds like my history teacher (he also talks in the same tone all the time which makes him sound like a robot)
YASSSS  MY BÆS! And I think that book was from a long time ago CUZ this song came out 2011

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