Sparks Fly (Austin Mahone Love Story / Fan Fiction)

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Megan By Megan Completed
Samantha Santori is the typical girl next door. She has a brother, a mom, a dad, and two best friends. But what happens when one of her best friends introduces her to internet heartthrob, Austin Mahone? Will her fears get in the way of a possible relationship? This is a story about friendship, fighting, lust, and falling in love. Fast.
I could never get into this story, but I'm desperate and this doesn't seem half bad
Wow! She laughed when he said she likes her.I would have beem like HAKUNAA MATTAATAA!!!!!
I hope that piercing thing..  just don't happens... I know he got it but he can remove it!(to be the attractive)
I hate reading.... THIS WAS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
this chapter was really good but I was wondering if I could imagine Sam as Becky G because I've seen Kendall Jenner in a lot of books and I wanted to try something new
I miss big time rush lol...I still listen to them on spotify tho