Sparks Fly (Austin Mahone Love Story / Fan Fiction)

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Samantha Santori is the typical girl next door. She has a brother, a mom, a dad, and two best friends. But what happens when one of her best friends introduces her to internet heartthrob, Austin Mahone? Will her fears get in the way of a possible relationship? This is a story about friendship, fighting, lust, and falling in love. Fast.
My mum is she thinks it's fun to hoover my room at 6 in the dam morning
I could never get into this story, but I'm desperate and this doesn't seem half bad
@The1AndOnlyMrsBieber if you're a real fan of Justin, you'll want him happy not hate on who he loves and Selena is beautiful.
Haha...are u kidding me? my parents will never and I mean never ever allow me to do that
Cheers to the morning persons
We know you are lying
Wow! She laughed when he said she likes her.I would have beem like HAKUNAA MATTAATAA!!!!!