The Challenge [One Direction: Louis Tomlinson Romance]

Melanie Minor, even though she’s only nineteen, has spent all her life caring about those around her. She volunteers, donates, and helps out whenever she can – but the one thing she doesn’t think about is herself. Louis Tomlinson is funny, easy-going, and has let his stardom get to his head; so what happens when their worlds collide? After his sudden break up with model Eleanor Calder, he’s single again and looking for something, a challenge – and that’s just what Melanie is. What happens when a simple bet from his friends to take the challenge backfires and Louis finds out there’s more to Melanie than he thought?
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How could she not know who they are. On Direction is the biggest boy band in the world
LOLOLOLOLOL "were hiding from girls" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I dont know about chu but Im just laughing really hard.. XDDD ALSO WHAT IF A GUY LIKES ONE DIRECTION??
NIAALLL BABY WOAH WOAH!!!! No need to order me!! ,-) Im already for u! LOLOLOLOL JK
heart is gonna break break break the fakers gonna fake fake fake and im just gonna shake shake shake shake it off !
this chick is gonna be that one model at a beauty competition who says she wants world peace
K and welcome I would've replied sooner but my iPod crashed so I'm using something else

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