Make love to me (in editing)

Writing prompt from my partner: When a girl's boyfriend can’t finish the job, I'm the one that girls call to do it for them. Most guys don't know that their girls come to me after they leave, but girls never stop hearing about it. I get called by sluts, cheaters, and some that just want to have fun. The best part about it? No strings attached. It's a high school guy’s dream. All of the relations without the emotions. And even though girls see me as a player and a jerk, most of them still want me. They just use me and once they are satisfied I get kicked out and they pretend that it never happened. I guess it can seem demeaning but I don't mind, especially when I can get any girl I want. Right?
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From the very first sentence it draws you in. Making you want to know what happens. The story just gets more intense and you can't stop reading. It's thrilling
@XxNightStripexX thanks for telling me lol I read the beginning and now I realize im pretty slow
@Carolina1512 The player come later :)

 I love this book @XxNightStripexX I'm reading it again! P.s I love love love the date! <3
"XxNightStripexX is cool."

If you are wondering, that is an inside joke I have with @ReadingRikki
I think this is a really, really good story, but for some reason it just doesn't click with me. However, it deserves all of the votes and reads it has!
Holy cow! Where did that come from?! I didn't know you could write like that! Way to go! Lol :)

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