Clothing Optional

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XxNightStripexX By XxNightStripexX Updated 6 months ago
*Revamp of Make Love To Me* 
    Four years in college and I got the reputation that when a girl's boyfriend can’t finish the job, I'm the one to call. It's probably because I realize that every girl has a special pleasure, a few they want to explore, except they don't always get it with their boyfriends. I don't consider it cheating, but then again I'm not the one in the relationship. It's a no strings attached agreement, well usually. I've screwed up, I fell for one of my new hook ups. She has a past that she's not willing to share, a present that she shouldn't share, and to her she has a dim future, but I can't stop myself from being drawn to her. So I have two choices, either give up on those feelings or make her fall for me. I always did love a good challenge.
Really good story I'm looking forward to reading more when you update it. Good luck writing
Ohhh okay I didn't understand. Sorry again and thank you for replying, can't wait to read it then!
I'm sorry but is there only one chapter at the moment? I can't seem to read the others and I really wanted to
Bruh dudes always tryna play that at my school like you thirsty or nah??  There's a vending machine right across the hall with water bottles -_-
From the very first sentence it draws you in. Making you want to know what happens. The story just gets more intense and you can't stop reading. It's thrilling
Omg this so intense. I couldn't stop reading it after the first sentence.