Tearra was an orphan, for about 4 years before her fathers side of the family decided to come and collect her. Not being able to have a boyfriend or even kiss someone without eating their soul is a problem. A few years laters she was thrown into an apartment by the coast and told to fend for herself. Attending school and hunting nightly is a big ask, but her family thinks its necessary she learns this. With sneaking suspicions they're scared of her due to her mothers side of the family, Tearra is left alone once again to try and prove that she isn't the same fiendish monsters as her mothers family.
this story is really interesting! can't wait to finish reading it ♥♥
This is beautifully written. Generally  I Like to leave at least one criticism but their isn't anything wrong! It left me with questions of what will happen next. It kept me interested, and curious. It's perfect.
I really enjoyed this. I love the way you make the characters speak differently reflecting their personalities and feelings toward each other. It is a really strong opening to your story and really gives the readers a feel for the characters and setting. I also love the MC's name, it's so pretty :D
Its very intruiging! Thrillers are not my thing but this sounds really different from all the others!!

All the best though!
Ok so I liked the story so far .. Hard enough rules .. ?  Think so!

U are keeping me hooked and I can see this in my head like a movie so good job on that :)
I love this! It's intriguing and just overall exciting! I'm definitely finishing this book! I can't wait to see what happens! Your characters are just, amazing! They're all so well created and planned. You did a great job!