What Makes Me Beautiful: a Liam Payne fanfiction

Jasey Smith lost everything that meant anything to her in only a matter of a year. Her world was slowly collapsing around her and all she could do was stand and watch. She was just about to give up on her life when she found a good friend in music. In particular, the British boy band One Direction stood out in her heart. Their music inspired her to give life a second chance. She felt her world start to spin again, and found herself starting to be genuinely happy once more. Life wouldn't ever be the same, but it was finally starting to look up. Coincidentally, after trying and failing to get tickets for said band's concert, she runs into the five boys in a public area and has a once in a lifetime chance to try and make an impact on them, and in doing so, her life is impacted in the biggest way possible.
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My Little Brothers Friends' Named Jaycee ._. Isn't That like Jasey Just Spelled Differently ? .-.
Going to kill you for ending the story like that. This story is worth reading, but not the end. The end is the worst part...
This is a beautiful story(: I love everything that is behind it and everything Jasey goes through. Liam is my favorite 1D man too(: Just so fantastic.
Aww! Its amazing! It really makes you feel how she does... Awkward... Sad... Lonely... Yeah...
@KierstenTasker Yupp :D It's so cute and awesome :D I want something like that ): Except with a certain Irish man(; WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT STORY WRITING?!
@KierstenTasker Am not! I'm telling the truth(: You're stories have so much in them. Mine are little thoughts. But thank you for lying<3 I love you :D

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