My Heart's A Stereo (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

6 Part Story 9.2K Reads 155 Votes
AnnaKing By AnnaKing Completed
Anna's average day has a change in direction when she meets a boy who will light up her world like nobody else...and she finds herself falling badly for the blonde and blue-eyed member of One Direction...

Niall can tell that Anna doesn't think of herself as anything special...but she is so much more to him...
seamlesstyles seamlesstyles 6 months ago
this reminds me sooooo much of anna who wrote after I can picture her in this situation
It's really good! But I do get confused when it's someones p.o.v. So u may want to have NIALL P.O.V or something like that. Appart from that its good
veronicawendy veronicawendy 3 years ago
i agree with chocoloco6690, but I also think that you should not write about one direction any more
chocoloco6690 chocoloco6690 3 years ago
Its pretty good! Just a few things! The story is moving a bit too fast, and when you switch the characters povs, you should do something to let the reader know. Other than that, awesome!