I'm Not Your Biggest Fan

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_Ligaya By _Ligaya Updated a year ago
(This is not a fan fiction. Francis Gray is not a real actor but a work of fiction.)

Felicity Stone lives in a time where all teen girls—maybe even teen boys and older women— adore the handsome and charismatic teen actor Francis Gray. 

Well, almost all: there is always those few people who would unbelievably claim that they don’t like Francis Gray. Felicity is undoubtedly one of them. 

Why? It’s purely because she thinks that every actor and actress is the same: nice and perfect in front of the camera but are actually really flawed and horrid away from the curious eyes of the paparazzi. However, what if one day she finds out that fate connects her with Francis Gray in more than one way? Like the text message she mistakenly sends to his number..?
failingwithlove failingwithlove 2 years ago
That was a really great opening chapter, I love how the main character interacts with the audience with the use of informal language to really get the teenage girl act across. It's a good start. Keep working!!!
LianneMckeown LianneMckeown 2 years ago
This is such a good story. I love the idea of it, the characters and the plot
quindella101 quindella101 2 years ago
I really like it. I think you have alot of talent and you should keep this going. 
<3 Quin
DianneWinterLi DianneWinterLi 2 years ago
I like the wording and the flow of your writing, however, be aware of repetitions (the word "dad", "screen", etc.) Use synonyms. Otherwise I like the fact that you keep the language uncomplicated fitting the character. Interesting, I'll read further, see where you go with this
ThePatchworkTheory ThePatchworkTheory 2 years ago
I like the idea, though I think we need to be given more more of a sense of the time because it seems her mother was the luckiest girl of OUR time...with all the texting and what not...are they now living some time ahead of us, because that would be more plausible
RayneSnow RayneSnow 2 years ago
I found no mistakes, so for English not being your first language you did very well :) The idea is different for me, but that probably because I dont really read a lot of teen fiction so this is a good change for me. I like how she feels about movies and actors, it is different and good :)