Letting Go...

I hate you. I despise you. But apart of me just can't let you go...
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It's a really good poem! Theres so much emotion there, I really like your work:) Please update more:3
You put a lot of emotion into your poetry.  I think others can really relate to the story behind it all.
I really like this one.. my fav!! oh and to the girl or boy in the story... good for you !!!  Don't waste your tears!
Shame that love doesn't go away when people hurt you, you still love but now you hate and mostly you hurt...
The last line is beautiful and is going to stick with me. Your rhythm needs work, but the tone and concept are powerful.
That's EXACTLY how I feel right now. It's just URGH!!! Frustrating. Excellent poem. Is it about you or omeosomeone you know, our just an idea that came to you?

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