This is the first poem that I've written in a while, and it sort of conveys how I'm feeling right now. And how many others must be feeling. When I write down how I feel, it sort of helps. And when I read something that conveys how I feel, that helps as well. So this is for anyone who feels the same way. Thanks for reading :)
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It's very amazing and it made me realize that the poem is very real , than other poems .
wow. cool peom! im sure at there is one point in everyones lives that that feel like this...
yes. that's what everyone feels. u put it in a very poetic way yet easy to comprehend. voted !
that was so beautifully written, the emotions are so real I couldn't help but relate to them
I think you are an amazing poet.  I was touched and this is one of my favorite poems!
I could so well relate to this....i mean when i read this, i was like, she is definitely talking about me... loved it..! <3

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