Some Alpha You Are!

Previously called: ''My Over Possessive Alpha Mate.'' She is Alpha's daughter but doesn't know it yet. She has to wait untill she turns eighteen to be told loads of things she never knew before! She's beautiful and fearless werewolf but sarcasm is one of many services she offers. He is the Alpha of the Dark Moon pack. The biggest pack in the USA. Alpha's son. A possessive, jealous, over-protective Werewolf, but also a perfect example that Werewolves can love too, and not just complete the mating bond. Put those two in together, and see what you got.
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@SilencerAquaLC Alex is a girl bc if you look at the next chapters title. ☺️
i don't know what your talking about, and learn how to spell, and then we can talk. I LOVE BRUNO MARS!!!<3<3<3
@SilencerAquaLC agreed and she sounds like some kind of stupid twelve year old girl going 'so what if i smoke, yolo!'
Thank god she didn't find alex pettyfer in those woods... Cause he's mine okay ? Lol great story
@InaVereget yeah I got that, thankyou :) it's just at first I thought she was human then It said she was a wolf so I got confused
Very hard to read and understand :(  I'll read a couple more chapters if it doesn't get better I'll wait to read after its been edited

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