Some Alpha You Are!

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InaVereget By InaVereget Updated 21 days ago
Previously called: ''My Over Possessive Alpha Mate.''

She is Alpha's daughter but doesn't know it yet. She has to wait untill she turns eighteen to be told loads of things she never knew before! She's beautiful and fearless werewolf but sarcasm is one of many services she offers. 

 He is the Alpha of the Dark Moon pack. The biggest pack in the USA. Alpha's son. A possessive, jealous, over-protective Werewolf, but also a perfect example that Werewolves can love too, and not just complete the mating bond.

Put those two in together, and see what you got.
Ngaruuu Ngaruuu 2 months ago
"Maria `the babysister"... hmmm that reminds me of the sound of music.
EllenMurphy5 EllenMurphy5 4 months ago
One capital and a full stop its a comment not a story and i don't think her comment was as bad as yours.
CantTameThisBeast CantTameThisBeast 5 months ago
@WereWolfXZoey I didnt give a pity party so no I wont shut it
WereWolfXZoey WereWolfXZoey 5 months ago
You idiot get some common sense and then we can talk I mean look at your Capitalization.
WereWolfXZoey WereWolfXZoey 5 months ago
Are you sh*tting me right now your the fricking retard that that needs capitalization and punctuation.
Kiana1800 Kiana1800 5 months ago
If you can't understand it dont read it. you are just being horrible. When i bet you lot are the same. its not even hard to understand. so if you have nothing nice to say just don't say anything at all.