One week or Seven days?

After over sixteen years, Adrian meets Meghna - prudent, pretty and pretty much a feminist. But Karma plays, and Adrian finds himself falling for her. Meghna wouldn't bother to listen to him whimpering woes of love. But fate unites the two in the beautiful and cold city of Delhi. Delhi-boy Adrian has a week to make Meghna fall for him, just as hard as he has ! One week for Meghna to see through Adrian's boyish charm to find the man within. One week to convince her of his love. One week in the magnificent, vibrant and ancient city of Delhi.
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madeline this is amazing :) go you 
i cant stop grinning i love adrian he reminds me of george :P 
write on :D
I like the conversation between Adrian and Meghna, the flow is good as well voted, and reading on.
wow, amazing intro to the story, Your description of the setting is quite good. i'm reading on,
@madelinestar95 Cliched or not, I loved it! 
Thanks for dedicating it to me... I am honored. :D
and upload.
Ohh.. all dreams shattered. *sniffs*

I like the writing part, but not the humor part. :P 
hahaha...  Nice!
Thanks a lot for the wonderful dedication!! 
Your work is awesome. Also i liked the name Adrian. 
Upload soon ... :D

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