The Perfect Stranger

Sofia Donahue is thrown into the surprise of her life the day she leaves her upscale boarding school behind for good. At 16, she's done all the right things to graduate early - and her parents have a graduation present for her. A wedding.
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I luv the name of the main character... Probably because I have the same. Ha ha ha.
OMG your book cover! I watched that episode of Pretty Little Liars just last week :)
Either he has rebelling issues with his parents or he already likes someone else  
Cuz he shouldn't act so cold to her otherwise
I think that Sofia should have a different person representing her, since the one she has is too common
Very good story so far! I like your use of description and your dialogue! Also your characters are relate-able. Can't wait to read more. Onto the next one...
This novel is brilliant! You're a very good writer! Oh yeaah, and your casting... BRILLIANT! Xx:-)

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