The Perfect Stranger

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CaliLackore By CaliLackore Completed
Sofia Donahue is thrown into the surprise of her life the day she leaves her upscale boarding school behind for good. At 16, she's done all the right things to graduate early - and her parents have a graduation present for her. A wedding.
pulis57 pulis57 2 months ago
I think the one in the dorm is the boy who she will married. The boy is the son of this rich man in Spain - incognito! wild guess! 27.11.14
wowrachel wowrachel 6 months ago
This is EXACTLY the same thing that happened to my parents, they were both in Spain and he asked her to live in the states
Hallie_ox Hallie_ox 7 months ago
I quite like Ava, its hard to believe she was a maid with the way she's shopping :)
Sunshine8910 Sunshine8910 2 years ago
I luv the name of the main character... Probably because I have the same. Ha ha ha.
KarishaSento KarishaSento 2 years ago
OMG your book cover! I watched that episode of Pretty Little Liars just last week :)
I think that Sofia should have a different person representing her, since the one she has is too common