Save You Tonight (One Direction Fan Fiction)

One bad day is all it takes for Brooklyn's life to change. Having a famous brother definitely changes things, but when things go wrong in Brooklyn's life, is it up to Ed and One Direction to make everything better?
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Please update as soon as you can :-) the story is amazing!!!!!!
Yey! I've actually started to read this now! I LOVE this so far! I'm reading on coz I don't want to get pregnant. ;)

PS. Ryan's a manwhore.
Update!:) and are the other boys gonna find out about Brooklyn being raped?
Who's fanfic is this?.... Like Harry,Niall...? Or all of them
At the first page you ask if you should work on this or "Stand Up" can you please work on them both
good book so far c: but plleeaaassseeee continue stand up :/ its so good!! <3

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