If You Only Knew

Brandy has been friends with Blake for most of her life and even after incidents in school that leave most people wanting nothing to do with him, she finds herself still falling for him. Now they are in High School and on the swim team together and Brandy feels even more drawn to Blake than before, along with half of the girls in the school. One day at swim practice, Blake has a debilitating accident and won’t be able to swim for a while. This brings the two of them together again, in more ways than just friendship.
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OMG! This is a really really good start! I read rele rele slow, but I'm so going to finsih this story tonight!
I love it ! Is all I can say ! Definitely adding it in my library ! I have no bad judgment at all, simply awesome ! :)
great job! everything was clearly explained and I had no questions...except for what happens next! :)
I love this! There's a couple grammar errors, but it's still a great beginning. Voted! 
This is good & this is another book going into my library. I did see quite a bit of errors, while reading it, so you may want to check up on them things. 
Sorry I said newly started or 7-10 pgs...not parts..:/ Sorry! But I'll still vote ..and fan

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