I Got You! {Completed}

To hurt the one you love is one thing, but to do what they did is a completely different matter altogether. It's funny how one simple game of truth or dare ended in blackmail, love, hate and broken hearts. Now, as the story continues, the four young guys are trying hard to hold on to the girls they love. But the past they try to forget keeps coming back to them. Can they finally get everything straight and work it out, so they can be with the ones they love? Or is it all going to be too much? They never truly knew what they were doing when they started drinking and thinking about how they all have been dumped in the same week. With ideas, came actions you can never take back. Once they have you, not even a simple game of Dare can save you.
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Why did you write this twice?? Its in 'I Got You' and 'I Dare You / I Got You'. Why??
I think that Allen kidnapped them and is working with somebody that is a big part but i don't know who?
haha i missed the little notes at the end of you chapters! They make me laugh everytime!
Aghhh omg please update ASAP!!! I love it!!! I can't wait to see what happens with everything!!! Especially the romance!;)
Yay! I didn't know the sequel was out! Yay! Yay! Boom. (that was my head exploding from excitedness) :]  and yes, these jokes do come naturally to me. :D
Words can't describe how happy I am to see the sequel uploaded. You've actually made my day!!!!

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