Making A Point

Vashanti lost her hearing as a young girl, but she has a cochlear implant that helps her hear. Her best friend Zach is the most popular guy in school and the number one guy in her heart. After Zach keeps breaking her heart, she meets a new guy Malik. He convinces her to try out for the talent show and show everyone that she is equal. She starts to gain respect and Zach's attention, who will she choose and will she win the talent show?
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i am liking this story but i wush she didnt love him anymore n she was more focused on singing. for a huge talent shiw tyoe thing. idk lol
Umm :O This is a shocker!! Thnx sooo much 4 dedicating this chap to mee!! I really really really appreciate it! :D
I really lovee the plot!! Really interesting! :D i cant believe peolple bully her just bcoz she is deaf! these people hav no heart at all!

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