So Called Perfection

Ever wished you were the 'perfect' one with the 'perfect life'? Bet you never stopped to consider what that life was really like.Having so called perfection doesn't mean you're happy. Think about it.
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Wow, this really blew me away. And this is something I realized a long time ago but never thought to put it into a poetic form. This was incredible! I love it.
Wow, this was really great. This topic is written about all the time, but you took a unique spin to it and made it work very well<3
I already commented, but a deals a deal, so: Amazing job!!!! this is incredibly true, I love it, I love it, I love it, I do!
Wow, this is really good! It conveyed so much emotion and really made me think more about walking in someone else's shoes. Good job! :)
This is really true. Sometimes the most bubbly, perfect girls are the ones that cry themselves to sleep. Awesome job!!! I like this one a lot
That was really amazing. I totally relate to it too. Plus I love the meter and rthyme to it, almost like someone walking down the hallway.

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