Scarred- One Direction FanFiction

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Daniella is Harry Styles sister. She has been away from the band and her brother for four years. Her life without them, was hard. She has spent all her time hiding her scars. She came from a world of abuse and hate, all from her father. But when she finally goes back to living with her brother and the band, will everything go the way she planned, or will her past come crashing down on her, so hard that she doesn’t stand a chance?
Daniellepuppydog Daniellepuppydog 6 days ago
Danielle is my name.. But I am Spanish so Daniela is also my name 
BeaunerStyles_ BeaunerStyles_ 15 days ago
That's what she said that's what she said YOU KNOW I WANT YOU DO YKU WANT ME TOO?// janoskians aye
carly_m2 carly_m2 2 months ago
Clowns are my third worst fear ( after spiders and sharks of course)
carly_m2 carly_m2 2 months ago
That's not even scary I'm laughing really hard for some reason
Masquerade_feelings Masquerade_feelings 2 months ago
Hey clowns are some scary chiz man, especially when they're headless. *shiver shiver*
Draculaura889977 Draculaura889977 2 months ago
*Tune of Everybody Hates Chris theme* Everybody haaaates clowns!