Who Are You? (One Direction Love Story)

Torrie Rider. Average girl. Invisable to all. But she hides an amazing talent only her best friend, Amanda, knows about. Singing. Amanda comes up with a plan. It was simple. Give Torrie a wig. Give her a different name. No one will know her and she can sing confidently. What happens when she meets One Direction meets her wearing the wig and know her as 'Sierra Brady'? **NEEDS EDITING** so please don't complain. thanks xx
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oh did I already read this story? back when I was 11, but now I'm 14 and ready to read it again!
It means someone had her heart put he played it rolling in the deep is an old term for breaking hearts
I literally preordered my tickets for the hell of it!! But worth it 'cause they have a tendency to run out fast
Out of that whole paragraph, the only thing people can comment on is Liam's "phobia" of spoons...... Okaaaay ._.
Yeah but when you read the description, I'm pretty sure everyone thought of Hannah Montana!
I haven't started reading this book yet but it sounds a lot like a Hannah Montana book basically

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