The Alpha's Toy

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Rosemary By FatefulEncounters Updated 3 months ago
“Say it, say you're mine.” He growled in my ear as his hands gripped my waist pressing his manhood against my lower bottom, making my knees wobble in pleasure. His tongue ran up my neck slowly, “Say it.” He commanded again, he won’t stop teasing me until he hears what he wants… --– Angelo gets what he wants when he wants, no questions -or difficulties- needed, it’s something he is accustom too. Diana though, she doesn't give into people’s wishes or in this case commands. Even if those commands come from an alpha, which is her mate. Rated R/ PG-13
Haha I bust out laughing and everyone started staring at me then agent back to there phones
You did excellent the story is well put together and is easy to understand
She wants Deez nuts got eem 
                                    Yeah she like him but she all about that SAUSAGE 
Angelo is the name of the 7 yr old kid in my favorite cartoon -.-
Why the hell is her name Dianna, this bish that tried to make my bf cheat on me her name is Dianna