Aspen Grace Ferguson is your typical sixteen year old girl – she attends high school, she lives with her parents and older sister, she has a brother away in college, she goes out shopping and to the movies on the weekends, and she listens to music at a volume that her parents can’t stand – she’s completely average. Aspen, however, has never had a boyfriend, nor has she ever been on a date. In fact, the entire concept of love and romance strikes her as being a total load of crap. She has only a few close friends and even they think she tends to be a little on the weird side. So what hope does Aspen have of ever finding love? Little to none at all . . . XX Cover by BourneOliviaA. Thank you very much. <3
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I really like this story!(: very well writtwn its hard to find a good and interesting story like this one<3 i will deff keep reading! you're an amazing writer
This is actually really good. You had me hooked with the fairy tale at the beginning. Well done!
Hooked already. You seriously didn't need to be nervous about posting (: Voted and about to read the rest :D
I thought it was great!  Well written and quick to the point of the story.  I'm reading on!
I like how you start the story it's like the start of every fairy tail so I voted! Keep it up!
I love it so far! The cover is really cool and I like the title! It is a really good chapter for your first story! Voted!

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