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I’m Matt Storm. If you’re an Inside-Worlder, human, Lennoxian, or etc. it doesn’t matter. Just kick back and read about the happenings of Animus―it means Mind and Soul in Latin―also known as me. One that involves “magical” experiences, friends from the afterlife, friends that will stay friends to the afterlife, being hunted by five unfairly attractive people who are pretty much the very epitomes of evil, and, for the lack of a better phrase, teenage drama. But hey, it’s my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Or Lennox, for that matter, but that’s an entirely different story for another day.
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I decided I'd start reading this again. I re-read this (to refresh my memory) and shall be reading onward! :D 
Hope you're doing well, darling. <3
Hi dear. DERP. ;)

Anyways, I really liked the descriptions in this. I didn't see many spelling/grammar errors although a couple sentences were fairly long. That's just my personal preference, but that aside, great cliff hanger and good sizing of paragraphs.

Cheers! :D I shall try to read more ~
Ah found it! I love the first few lines. I'm gonna read the whole thing & enjoy :)
Crap! Why does it have to be so suspenseful?!?! Haha only joking. I LOVE IT!!! Well done. Needs a bit more editing, as in spelling and grammar, but it's great so far, and I'm gonna read on. K bye
Okay so since it's been a long while, I'm going to re read this amazing book again! To refresh my .. awesome.. memory xD And yeah..
It's kinda sad that his mommy died.. v.v I hate his father e.e js >.>
~Now since I have the time I shall comment or at least try to comment on each chapter~ :3 <3
The start was very unique for me, it can catch attentions. I like how the story goes on smoothly so I voted! Keep up the good thing!