Another World - A Troyler Fanfiction

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forevertroyler By forevertroyler Updated 4 months ago

im not very good with descriptions and if i say something, it would give it all away. so sit down, grab some tea (or coffee (or even hot chocolate), whichever one you prefer...), and be ready for a roller coaster of troyler feels.

(there will be some moments of smut but i WILL warn you and there wont be any triggers in this story because i want everyone happy !)
this-says-it-all this-says-it-all 9 months ago
@latharna_imlah now all I can think is "heroes get remembered; legends never die." Yanno, from The Sandlot? Best sports movie ever, btw
infinite-youtubers infinite-youtubers 10 months ago
Ohmygoshhhh srry I just read it but it's perfff this is so cuteeee

And Omg I'm reading
This right after I saw the picture with troyler and the paint...I can't even. Help. 

Hah but seriously it's awesome!!