Be Here [Zayn Malik]

---HUGE TRIGGER WARNING. READ WITH CAUTION IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED BY SELF-HARM, SUICIDE, OR SELF HATE IN ANY WAY--- Ugly. Stupid. Klutz. Worthless. Unloved. Fat. Those are just a few of the words Reese Parker have heard aimed at her. You name it, she's heard it more than once. Reese hasn't been wanted her whole life. With one friend, she's usually been a loner. When she met Zayn Malik, he noticed something the whole world hadn't: her cuts. He made her swear that when they met again, those cuts would be scars of her mistakes, and Reese agrees. But promises are made to be broken. When their paths cross again two years later, Reese's insecurities have increased by ten. She hardly talks to anyone but her best friend, and even the times when she really talks to her are rare. Zayn and the rest of One Direction are determined to show Reese who she could be if only she could let go of what others think. Reese wrote Zayn letters for two years straight. When he finds all of them, he's heart broken by all of the pain she's written. Writing is the escape of the soul, as Reese claims. Zayn can't help but develop feelings for this girl while he's trying to save her, and on another day spent with Reese trying to protect her, Zayn realizes he's her reason. He's there to watch for her and protect her from harm and help her through. Zayn is why Reese doesn't cut but yet why she does. Zayn is responsible for the letters, the cuts, and the scars. Fairytales don't exist. No one really runs off into the sunset to live happily ever after. You learn that one way or another in life. Zayn had to learn the hard way.
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I literally got so excited when I saw this again. I've been looking for it and I choked on my spit. This will be my 3rd time reading it.
I read this story a lot since last year...I cried but it was the most amazing story I ever read
When I was reading the cast and I saw Christina grimmie I almost screamed in excitement
Anybody that makes you feel like cutting or even think about it is not worth your time or thoughts and is blind because they can't see how beautiful you are ,<3
This story made me cry, i really like this story and is my favourite book of all
This is my absolute favourite book made me cry reading it so sad its beautiful x

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