A Pictures Price {1D Fan Fic}

"Winifred, I love you." He murmured to me as I stood in the street holding my umbrella in my hand. I shook my head, trying to look anywhere besides at his beautiful eyes, "I'm your photographer." "I don't care." He said in his alluring accent as he stepped closer to me, lessening the gap, I felt the tears start to fall down my cheeks. "I've hurt you, I've lied to you." I replied as my voice broke trying to run, but my feet were glued. "I don't care." He replied again as he stepped closer. "I'm damaged, I look like a boy." "I don't care." Another step, there was hardly any room to breathe. "You pay hundreds of money for my photos." I replied as I finally looked up at him, my heart pounding a thousand miles an hour. "I don't care." And then he closed the gap completely. I wish I had my camera. ****************************************************************************************************** Winifred's dream is to become a big time photographer, but when she falls for one of her projects she's unsure about how to go about it. Especially since he's 1 of the 5 boys in the biggest boyband in the world. She's lost people she's loved before and she's afraid to open her heart because of it. Plus how could it really work out between a photographer from New York with a National Heartthrob from England?
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I LOVE how LONG you make the chapters. Other books I have read only have 2 pages.
I love it!! Please update soon!!!! :D I love Niall ;) I hope him and Winnie will be together!!!!!!! ❤
I loved this first chapter so far! I'm definitely going to continue reading more now! :D
OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Whats this!?!? One of my favourite writters, writing about my favourite band!!! This is amazing!!!! I love you twelve times more right now! <3
This is story is really good! Freddie has such a cool job photographer for the stars!
Your stories are always amazing(: and i cant wait for this to just keep getting better!!

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