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"It's hard to say when I fell in love with Liam Sheppard. It could be when he returned after three long years and confessed that he loved me. It could be when I chased him to Hollywood and tried to win over his affections. It could be when I kissed him at the hospital in Los Angeles. Yet now I realize that I have always loved my best friend, from the very day that I met with him." Throughout their whole entire lives, Liam Sheppard and Keegan Leon have been best friends. That is, until Liam's dad gets a job offer he can't refuse, and he's forced to move away to Florida, far away from Keegan. Now after three years he returns, only to find that his precious best friend has quite literally forgotten him. Suffice to say, things get complicated. As Keegan struggles to regain her memory of her long lost friend, she gets an even bigger surprise. He's a celebrity now. A worldwide superstar that has an amazing career. So Liam is forced to move away from her to Hollywood. Thus begins their strange and twisted love story, that doesn't entirely go like a fairytale. Especially with a jealous girlfriend, the new side of Liam that seems to despise Keegan, and a few kisses that pop up in the heat of the moment.
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Awesomesauce chapter! At first I was like ._. it's just a paper cut, but a phobia of blood is pretty serious :) Great chapter, pleaaaz update more often!!!
"Who is this Alex Sheppard? What mysteries will be unveiled in the next chapters? We're all DYING to know. Emily Egidio, ABC news."

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