Suicide Prevention

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What would you do if you were picked on at school and not loved at home. Well this is what Kimber Simms has to go through everyday and the only way out is to finally end it all. But what If she decides to stay alive?
I thought of white chicks wen i read this bcuz this is my 2nd time reading this
@Geekychick229 yea that's true, but its how she wrote it, not all black people talk or act that way
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nigga you need a fucking dictionary and some grammar lessons godammit
Super good. (: I corrected some of your spelling errors for ya (:
@gabberz I imagined him as long haired, taller Frank Iero ._. BUT OH MY FOD HE'S JARED/SAM
i wish mike was hotter, he seems hotter in the story, kinda like a booboo stewart type of thing. idk maybe its just me