Left At The Crooked Pine Book 7

Bianca has always been quiet shy never having the courage to be the tom-boy her sister is. But she dreams of adventure. Then she finds adventure where she least expects it. Staying with a friend of the family in their countryside home she learns of a highway man terrorising local wealthy families. Her sense of mystery is intrigued and one night she decides to see if he will try and rob her. He does but he gets more then he was bargaining for. What lady questions her robber? This begins a strange secret relationship between the pair. But her dashing highway man has more secrets than just his identity. Will it turn into a disaster or the adventure of a life time?
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this isnt my style of book, but i honestly did like what you wrote. Iw was stellar :)
I just love reading historical fiction stories and your summery was good enough for me to start reading this story..=)
Good cover, good story, and Bianca is so odd, laughing about the highway man. I wouldn't, really, personally. I voted!

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