I Was Here (Watty Awards 2012)

What goes on through the mind of a fifteen year old when she's about to go to sleep- forever? What makes her want to leave the world on her own terms, what makes her take such drastic steps? What makes her write a suicide letter?
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omg that was so sad im just stunned ive never even thought of having cancer from that view its so different to what you see all the time
@MusicMyLife It's okay. I'm alive am I not? I understand both sides of it too :)
You have made a person wig a heart of stone bawl there eyes out o my God I'm literally still crying
OMG!! This is amazing! I love your writing style and the way you describe the everything. If you  write more short stories I will definetly read them :D
Hi I don't have time to read but I will get to it soon, im adding it to my reading list :)
@MusicMyLife  no problem! I was kinda depressed of her killing herself she should've waited till the end (sniff, sniff) -_-

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