When It Rained

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to truly bring people together. When Freya Anderson moves to Cincinnati with her father, she meets Chesmu; a reserved young man with an abundance of secrets..Will opposites attract or will things go horribly wrong for these two unlikely friends?
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Really good start, it kept me interested, I'm going to read the next chapter (:
I like the fact you have some detail and description but not to much for were the reader gets bored. The idea of the story seems pretty interesting so far.
i love her name! :D also, i love the way you started off! definitely hooked me in <3 great job with the beginning :)
First of all, I really like you book cover. You're details are great and I loved the way you wrote this. It's very easy to read. Great start!
This is nice! I think you need to add a little more in your descriptions but besides that, great job!! :)
Lol I love the way she said she was normal. =P Freya seems to be a fun character so far. =)

On to the next chapter. =)

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