Dark Beach

Dean and his dog, Kota, had to leave their home in New York City, if they wanted to escape with their lives. Now they live on the Jersey Shore and life's a beach. Except it's been a freezing cold October and the local motorcycle gang is killing kids with drugs and nobody seems to want to do anything about it... except Dean. On the bright side, there's Gloria, who looks like a movie star and who's so cool and actually gets Dean, which is really a nice change. But Dean was born under a bad sign and trouble follows wherever he goes. Luckily, so does Kota.
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i Respect and appreciate adding in the facts about not  being able to literally  swallow your tongue
I actually think that there is a little too much cussing in the beginning of this book
Just finished reading the first chapter.. I'm deffinetly reading this over spring break :)
very well written, the opening thesis statement along with the initial storyline. got me hook line and sinker
I have not read any of your other work as of yet, but so far I like your style! Reading on...
This story is really good! It would mean a lot to me of you could read my story? The One That Got Away. 
Thank you for your time :)

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