Dean and his dog, Kota, had to leave their home in New York City, if they wanted to escape with their lives.  Now they live on the Jersey Shore and life's a beach.  Except it's been a freezing cold October and the local motorcycle gang is killing kids with drugs and nobody seems to want to do anything about it... except Dean.  On the bright side, there's Gloria, who looks like a movie star and who's so cool and actually gets Dean,  which is really a nice change.  But Dean was born under a bad sign and trouble follows wherever he goes. Luckily, so does Kota.
Dread-Full-Drive Dread-Full-Drive 17 days ago
um where is the cussing? last time i checked *CRAP* was a baby word.
XxLauraTrinityxX XxLauraTrinityxX 4 months ago
Yes. A clown once face planted right in front of me. But then I guess he wasn't meaning to so no. No a clown has never reeeally made me laugh.
chevalierdujour chevalierdujour 4 months ago
awwww I love Kota and I love Dean hehe they're so dependable towards each other :)
fallen9980 fallen9980 4 months ago
This is truly amazing. You're an inspiration for young aspiring authors such as myself.
medal62 medal62 6 months ago
This symbiotic relationship between Kota and the young man is beautiful.
LittleDai LittleDai 6 months ago
so far so good. really intrigued me and I have seizures so this really hit home. I can relate to life in NYC BC that's where I'm from and always wished I could have a service  dog to help. I like it just the way it is.