Tales From the Easter Quadrant

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AngusEcrivain By AngusEcrivain Completed
How do you find love when all the hot alien chicks try to kill you at every turn?

Join Ecks as he battles psychotic alien babes, killer furbies, big ass pussy cats and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. He’s not alone though. With a supporting cast of stripper nuns with guns, airship pirates, a sexy time travelling warrior and the Blood, it’s sure to be an action-packed adventure.

Can Ecks and his crew find a place to call home before his luck runs out?
Interloper Interloper 6 months ago
No offense, (this is first impressions thing) but that cover art genuinely terrifies me.
praine praine 10 months ago
well, this might sound redundant, but what the heck! Man' your good. gotta give you compliments for a pretty stupendous piece.. can't sleep without finishing the whole story,. and dude you've got drugs fused in it. :)
Alexis060309 Alexis060309 a year ago
damn! this story is absolutely UNIQUE! it's amazing.
very interesting and most of all , again UNIQUE!
NicholasFewell NicholasFewell 2 years ago
I'm allergic to cats so I loved the scene where they were taking them out. And the whole rest of it was awesome too.
Cobloro Cobloro 2 years ago
F*ck you always have cool stories man. The voice you write with is awesome and bada$. Loved the story it had a bit of everything in it. Well worth the read and very enjoyable with every sentence.
JakeStyles JakeStyles 2 years ago
he sounds exactly like almost every person i grew up with in Australia. its just such a well rounded word, it works in every situation