How to Fly

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_nicoleloves By _nicoleloves Updated 2 years ago
With a father who’s never home and a step-mother who’s abusive, Julia doesn’t feel at home, she doesn’t feel loved. She works her hardest to receive the best grades with the hope that they will take her somewhere far away. Away from her family, from her uncomfortable surroundings, from her cruel classmates. Trust is fragile and love never lasts: the views that control her life.
Then Jace comes along and appears to be the only one who might understand, but Julia still has fear. Unwilling to confide to him about her stepmother, there’s a distance between them that she’s too afraid to close. He tries to pull her close, but she clings to her only prayer, to fly away.
sanarada28 sanarada28 2 years ago
Okay I really love Julia's personality, as well as the descriptions, voted :)
Springgirl101 Springgirl101 2 years ago
This was SO descriptive and amazing. I also loved the cover!
this is really amazing, the writing is incredible and has great imagery and really draws in the reader. Keep going!
FrostyOhLover FrostyOhLover 3 years ago
I love this, its just so great with so much emotion that has tons of potential. The cliche didn't really matter to me because I loved the way of characters you put it through, I also love the conveying emotions. This is worth a great hunk of votes!! :P
maraiya-chan maraiya-chan 3 years ago
Wow! Her life sucks! I feel so bad for her! Also, I really hope Julia becomes more kind hearted. She seems really cold to me and I understand why she's like that but still... Anyway, I liked it :)
SamPilot SamPilot 3 years ago
ÀwWww! i really do understand how she feels!!!!!!!!!! and i love the way you startered this story! i love it!!!! Voted