Julia's Pack.

The entire American landmass, from Canada to South America, is being taken over by one Pack. The Alpha Kale either wipes out each Pack or takes it over. This kind of warefare hasn’t been for hundreds of years. Alphas and their families destroyed. Other supernatural species are being hunted down. Julia killed an Alpha when she was sixteen, the same year she got pregnant, which more or less guaranteed that she'd become Alpha by the time she was twenty five. Because the Elders believed she was too childish, too young, too inexperienced, she's been training in secret to become the future Alpha of one of the smallest Packs in the world. She's still a little childish, a little stubborn, passionate, and has temper issues but loves the idea of free love and peace. Sort of. Except that what her Pack is facing now is going to go against everything she wants to achieve for her Pack. Being in Australia, the effects of what her husband's uncle, Kale, is doing isn't felt quite as strongly. They are realistically too small to stop him, at least at first, but it won't be long before he comes for the only Pack that ever escaped his fighters. And on top of that, she's mama to two six year olds and two four year olds, married to two men who are impossible, and has to somehow accept that her kids are already starting school when she really hasn't grown up herself. Julia hasn't quite grown up herself or really come to terms with this powerful position she found herself in by accident. Hasn't quite settled into her new life as Alpha-in-training. But with the Pack's survival resting on Julia now... It's going to be a busy year.
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What will part 2 be called and can't wait to read it I am seriously loving ur stories they are awesome I'm addicted lol
whoa! :O this was so good, but pretty sad! Love it, i will continue on with the rest tomorrow!:D
Great start!:D The details are so good, i have a good imagery in my head!:D Cant wait to read on!(:
Amazing start! This is really good and great start. I love your details throughout this. :) Great start!
:(  I hope U don't wait to long of a break on this, I'll try  to read your other story"s! but its hard when I'm so stuck on my favorite one, this one! :)
Oh gosh, please make this story have a happy ending :O But this was really good!

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