The complexity of something called life

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Rose Annabelle Stone is a regular 18 years old girl who's just graduated high school and got accepted in New York Film Academy. She lives a nice quiet life with her divorced mother in a small town in Vermont.  But all of that is about to change when Niall Reynolds, Rosy's childhood best friend, comes back to town. Rose struggles with her emotions towards Niall as she finds out he's no longer the dorky kid. She becomes more lost when another love interest confuses her heart and mind. Only, the story has another angle. See, Niall is hiding a huge secret no one knows except him, a secret that might ruin everything. Did he make the right choice when he decided to break the calmness of his old hometown? How will rose handle the outcomes of his secret ? And where is Mark McAdam, the town's bad boy, in all of this?
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