Crossing Over

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_Rebellious_Script By _Rebellious_Script Updated 2 years ago
Rachel Vaughn is your average teen with a few exceptions. She’s dead and she ain’t the ghost girl everyone expects her to be. Her death is a mystery in the sleepy town of Colville, WA, but no one wants to get their hands dirty in a crime like this one, so her close ones bury themselves in grief and the others turn a blind eye. 
Rachel thought she was loved but no one is really trying to figure out what’s happened to the lovely outgoing high school girl that disappeared in the forest two weeks ago. Something strange is going on. Betrayal is lurking around every corner and it all falls on her shoulders to solve her crime and deal with a few unsuspected twists of the Otherworld. The only person she believes can help her is Ash, but he isn't as willing as she thought he would be. A new dilemma. How will she fight back? Not even she knows, but she has determination on her side and with her new will of steel she isn't letting go of the only person who can help her that easily. Maybe it wasn’t just an accident she was killed, maybe it was fate.
mattbenfly75 mattbenfly75 3 years ago
well this was kind of a dark read, i can't say i want to continue
phantomx phantomx 3 years ago
This is reall intresting so far. Story kind of proves that we dont know what we have until its gone, given how she wants everything back now.Then again who wouldnt want their life back if they were dead? Gonna read on :)
dreamsmadereal dreamsmadereal 3 years ago
Wow. This was really descriptive, and I couldnt find any mistakes. I love how you wrote this. Voted. :)
beautifulsinner beautifulsinner 3 years ago
You sure know how to connect with your readers:) Had me think there:) I loved the way you showed what dying was like, and I loved the character's determination to solve everything:P WIll be reading this! Voted and added to library.
PassionInWriting PassionInWriting 3 years ago
I like how you described Death. Made him/her sound very creepy&scary.
I only see one character so far and you got it going pretty well. It didn't feel rushed either, which is awesome(: 

Excited to read more.
love your writing style and this is very interesting....I"m not big on mystery's but your's has me hooked i'm adding it to my library great job!!