Star Trek - The Last of the Red Shirts

A crewman is left stranded on a distant planet. Has the Enterprise left him behind by accident or has something else altogether more strange happened... This is my first attempt at Star Trek fan fiction. Hope you enjoy!
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Pleeeeeaaaaase write more! And, yeah, what do you mean 'Last of the Red shirts'!!!!
Aha, it's nice to see someone poke fun at the whole redshirt joke. Really cool short story :)
Really good writing! Enjoyed it from beginning to end.. I hope there is more to come :)
@Linda_Percabeth no ur not weird. Spock is actually quite popular. He's 1 of my fav character too alongside with Uhura.
@Darrell_Pitt Yay! I've never read a Trek fanfic before (it beats the one direction ones by far). Very nice! TOS will always be the best. Kirk all the way!
That was great! Reminds me of some of my favourite Star Trek episodes, and McDonald's a really likeable, easy-to-identify-with character.

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