I Hate One Direction (One Direction Fan Fiction) ~Sorry, On Hold~

Valerie Adams hates One Direction. She despises them with all her heart. But wait, isn't every girl supposed to like them? To her, no. When her overly-obsessed friends talk about them, it makes her want to slap them, so they could shut up, but she couldn't do that to her friends. One day, One Direction arrives at her house from running too much (*GASP*), and running from what, you ask? Running from their 'dedicated' or as Val puts it, obsessed. Val, being the nice girl she is, let's them stay at their house for a couple of nights and days. After one night, though, something pretty life-changing happens.
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sad more than talking to fake Lou! on Facebook he even asked used who would date him and I told him why was he asking he has Eleanor!!
If that happened to me. Is be like 'Sorry I'm now allowed to let complete strangers in a house' and then I would slam the door in their faces
OMG!! I just finished a book called Chords and the name Alexandra was in there....... :)
*me when she spit on zayn* Don't laugh you're in public...hahahahhahahhahahahhaha
I would shove them back outside to be attacked by their fans. Or just not let them in in the first place, because STRANGER DANGER!!
hahahah louis. OH MY GOD AM I THAT BAD OF A KISSER?!!? hahahah it just make me crack up!! hahha

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