I Want... (One Direction: Zayn Malik) (Slowly Editing)

What do you do when 4 cute British boys, and 1 cute Irish boy, come to spend the summer at your house because their fans were to crazy to go home? What do you do when you start to like one of them? Ciara is the daughter of the manager of One Direction, a band full of cute boys with wonderful accents. Ciara and her friend Riley come home to find that 5 boys are going to be staying at her house for the whole summer. With no adults and 7 hormonal teenagers, anything can happen. The summer starts slow, but new loves start to form. Drama, Romance, Humor and more are all things that will describe Ciara's life once the boys stepped in. ***This was written originally in the beginning of 2011 so it is very carroty and I have not finished editing it***
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lol this is totally Niall when I heard that Hunger Games joke.

Niall: 99% of the world is stupid, I'm glad I'm the other 4%
if u get told that one direction will be staying at ur house. you DON'T QUESTION WHY ##
You idiot! You don't deserve to meet them! You shameless and pathetic excuse for a human being. You retarted creature!!!!!
How don't you know who 1d is? Especially since your dad manages them. OMG I can't even with this girl
The boys all have their own cuteness that they can add to the story. All their own personalities.
Whoahhhhhhhh woahhhhhhhh a little too fast but i guess u have this planned out so it should make sense

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