How I Met Your Brother

It's the beginning of senior year and Sarah Bennett is already overwhelmed with schoolwork, jobs and, of course, prom. She finds her dream dress that is everything she could've ever wanted. There was just one problem-- it cost eight thousand dollars. Sarah quickly finds a job at the local movie theatre, hoping to earn the money before prom. She soon meets her new co-worker, an arrogant bad-boy named Noah, who happens to be best friends with her older brother. To get her mind off all the stress that comes with high school, Sarah decides to spend more time hanging out at her best friend's house, which means spending more time with her best friend's brother, Liam, as well. Soon enough, Sarah finds herself falling for both guys-- her brother's best friend and her best friend's brother.
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Awesome story!!!  I was just wondering if you could possible check out my story Temporary Life?
hah yeah me too, i havent read it but i already like Liam .__.*starts chanting*liam liam liam liam !:D
I kinda don\'t want to read this because who ever the guy is that she doesn\'t end up with, I\'m going to feel SO bad for him.
I read up to the 3rd chapter so far and wow! My only words are; your an EPIC WRITER!!!
congrats on a good job doing your first chapter and for publishing your first book
sorry has nothing to do with the book but my birthday is on the 27th of july aswell,ha but love yer book

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