Everyone's Mate (BoyxBoy)

1st Book in the Everyone's Trilogy! Aaron Scott is a werewolf. But not just any werewolf... He's everyone's mate. Literally. After scientists tampered with his brain, they made it so that every unmated werewolf Aaron meets instantly falls in love with him. But what happens when those people find their real mates? You guessed it: They ditch Aaron like a sack of potatoes. Years of hurt have made the ice around his heart thick. But then suddenly his life is thrown through more hell when he goes on a double date with his best friend, Allie. Witches, rogues, and three werewolf packs vying for land and the one thing that could be a crucial key to this war; Aaron himself.
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HA! That would be awesome! Thanks for not saying what happened! I've only been able to get to chapter 10!
My girlfriends name is Allie, & she has several tattoos, piercings, & well is lesbian lol
She sounds like my friend. She didn't eat anything but watermelons during her childhood. but she eats normal stuff now
I really, really like it so far, and sort of truly hope that Alex is Aarons true mate:P Only one way to find out;) See you in the next chapter:P
I really want to read this but I'll wait until its finished, or at least update it more, see you then very awesome looking story. 8D
Cn u update everyboys mate??? Please! I absolutely love where the story and I was left dangling off a cliff ( see wat I did there)

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