♥This Can Only Go One Direction♥

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"I'll never let go of these feelings." He said as he brushed a soft kiss on my forehead. " Promise me you won't either love." "Baby, even if we're miles apart."
Omg love it you should really do a sequel it was amazing xxxxxx:)
I love this do much and it's only second chapter hehehe;) ....really good idea for fanfic ...with the competition xxxx
This is awesome! :)
                                    Sorry it took so long for me to read, I didnt get on much! But I love this :)
haha wow i like it :D it's funny and very refreshing at the same time. I WISH THAT CONTEST WOULD EXIST IN REAL LIFE!!!! good job babe <3 xx
omg haha i like it so far! But are you going to do the 5 POVs everytime or have like a chapter for each one or...something else? XD
                                    But I love it! Update soon!