Tiana Calrissian (a Star Wars novel!)

Being the daughter of an expert gambler is fun! for one: my best friend is the daughter of the baddest space pirate of all time. two: i get to go to random planets and learn mulipul lanuages. but then again it has it's down sides. like having to work with a freaking general (not dad) who won't stop bugging me, a clone who is more accident prone than i am (that's pretty bad), and my dad is my boss. great! it's not as bad as i make it sound. it's actually kinda fun. Bet you wish you had my life.
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Hi just wondering if you'll be uploading a new chapter soon I can't wait to read the next one
LoL I love the line "Lando Calrissian you and your capes."

Please continue soon!!! 

I'll update YWD? by the end of the day (hopefully) if not today tomorrow!


I love the idea you messaged me I think you should write it :) I'm afraid I won't do it justice :P
@owlmind13 I will upload tomorrow or the day after that! The chapter is done. I just need to get on the computer.
Seems a little to playful for a Star Wars fan fiction. To his or her own, though.

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